May Intentions

May 8, 2014

Oh May, you've surprised me with your arrival! April went by so quickly that I hardly had time to blink. I'm pretty sure I said the same thing about March... We managed two family pictures in a month though. Impressive, no? The top one Aaron's dad took while he was here visiting. It's awkward and I'm in my sweats and Everly is blinking because of the bright sunlight, and yet I love it. The one below counts as a family pic. E is sleeping but it's so sweet! We were at Comic Con in that picture and Aaron was dressed as Captain Hammer. It was the best costume. Everly was dressed as Super Girl. I was her chariot. Or something. Also I'm still stinking at reading one book per week. I'm currently working on The Shadow Prince by Bree Despain. She's a local Utah author and I've followed her since her first published book. I've met her a few times and I picked up her book at Comic Con (and of course had it signed!). It's really good so far but truth be told I'm not too far into it. I'll get there! I'm still posting on the blog (obviously). Some weeks are more than others. Some weeks I have more to say... some weeks I have more minutes to write. That's just the way it goes, right? But I keep on writing, mostly just for me. I am loving my soul work and definitely loving myself! 

In April my intention was to slow down. I think I did it. I still had a full schedule and a full life but I really tried to slow it down and take moments each day to treasure this life. Everly grew right in front of my eyes and it was beautiful. I'm finding a wonderful balance between being a mom, a wife, a student, a doula, a web goddess (official title), a friend, a sister, and just being me. It's a work in progress but I'm loving the progress. 

In May I will...
  • Pick my newest path. I'm researching a few amazing programs to further my education and become a healer or herbalist (because I'm not weird enough yet). I'm going to find my way with one of them and I'm really excited about it.
  • Finish our ecourse for June release! Shelly and I are so busy with it and I am SO excited to share this work with others. It's been amazing to write this course with my sister. I hope some of you will be joining us!
  • Create with my sisters. Vague I know. Let me explain. My sister Morgan has moved back for the summer before she embarks on her next life adventure and Shelly and I are loving this summer air. Cori will be spending most of the summer away but until she leaves we're all going to be creating together. I have a few very ambitious Pinterest projects that Morgan is motivating me to do. I think with the full force of all four sisters we'll get a few things done.

I'm keeping it simple again. I know these things seem inconsequential to some but this will be a full month for me. I'm pretty sure I say this every time, but it's going to be wonderful. 

I love this beautiful life.

xo Sue


  1. Great family pictures! We don't get enough of those.

    1. Thanks love! We wouldn't take them if I wasn't trying so hard. :) I love having them though.

  2. Love the family pictures! And the title web goddess. Six thumbs up my friend.

    1. Thank you! I love the title too. I laughed a little when it was given to me but I embrace it!


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