Sunday Favorites

Feb 23, 2014

Seriously, cake on her forehead. She's the best.
Sometimes I need to share my favorites and this is one of those times. There's just so much good content out there! 

Maybe I'm biased, but my friend Alex made Everly a painting for her birthday and it is gorgeous! You need to see it and hear all about her artistic inspirations. 

An awesome post for people who like to do sponsorship. There are some great blogs out there to sponsor and this will help you spot them! Also if you're looking for someone to sponsor you should visit Jane. She is fantastic and didn't even tell me to say that! 

Fran shared some great tips about do's and don'ts of blog design. If you like to DIY your blog you should give her post a read! 

This article about female nudity speaks to the feminist in me. If men being naked (or half naked) doesn't have to be about sex then why does female nudity automatically become sexual?

These 5 minute hairstyles are great and I'll be stealing many of the ideas when I figure out how to use a brush...

And seriously, Ellen Page's coming out speech was amazing. I heart her.

xo Sue


  1. Ellen Page's speech was amazing. I wanted to give her the tightest hug ever, you could just tell she was so nervous!

    Thank you for sharing my post :)

    1. Yes she was and it was kind of adorable. I wanted to give her a hug too! And I loved your post! :)


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