Dec 11, 2013

There is something absolutely magical about a Christmas tree. The twinkle lights that glow. The ornaments that we've made and collected over the years, each with their own special story. The gifts slowing adding up under the tree. It's quite special. Growing up we always had a tall, real tree (16+ feet at least!) and I desperately missed that while we were in Japan. There we had a small space and everything felt overcrowded so we stuck with a small, fake tree. It was perfect for the two of us but I love being home now and seeing the magical giant tree again. Everly is fascinated by it. The glowing lights and the decorations call to her, begging to be put in her little baby mouth. It makes my heart happy to watch the delight in her eyes when she spots something new on the tree. Everything about this Christmas is new and exciting. Everything is an adventure. I will never forget Everly's first Christmas. The Christmas of Magic.
xo Sue


  1. where in heaven's name did you PUT a 16 foot treee!!!!!!!


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