I'm Learning to Sew (Blogger Swap)

Dec 28, 2013

December is the month for swaps! I participated in 2 this month (the first was the scarf swap) and this was the second- The Snowflake Swap. For this swap we told a little bit about ourselves to our swap partner and then went out shopping for a holiday gift to send. I was partnered with Rachel and once again, my partner hit it right on the nose with my swap gift! I told her I'm beginning to get in to sewing and she sent me this book for beginners. It has so much great info, I've already referenced it twice for simple projects! Everly wanted to help me inspect it and show it off. And really, who am I to say no to that face? She loves books, especially ones meant for mama. I absolutely love this book, plus I got to make a new blogger friend. Aren't swaps the best? 

Also, E's insanely adorbs mustache leggings are from jennifer ann. Her baby clothes kill me with their cuteness. Size up though, I've found the leggings run just a touch small and you want your little one to wear these forever, I promise!

Linking up with Jane, Acacia, and Moira for the blogger Snowflake Swap.
xo Sue


  1. Aww what a neat book! I totally need that book. I kind of sew but it's all super basic. I so want to take it to the next level. :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. What a cool and thoughtful gift! This was my first swap ever and I had such a good time with it!

  3. Adorable leggings! And I got a sewing book for Christmas too! I can do simple things but would love to tweak my skills.

  4. aww how awesome! you'll have to show off the things you make ;)

  5. Yay for new bloggie friends! I'm so happy you enjoyed the book, Sue!! BTW, you're little one is SOOOO precious!!

  6. That's such a creative gift, and I LOVE the pictures you took to show it off : )

  7. Three things -

    1. Everly is a beautiful name
    2. Her mustache leggings are probably the CUTEST things ever!
    3. What a thoughtful gift! Glad you've already gotten so much use out of it!

  8. I think I participated in four swaps between October and Christmas. They were so fun! And if I can sew, anyone can sew. Believe it!


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