Dec 23, 2013

STRONG WOMEN. May we KNOW them, may we RAISE them, may we BE them.

Thing on my mind: I am blessed. I have cherished the holiday season this year and I came out of it feeling like one lucky lady. Maybe life is hard right now, but give me five minutes playing alone with Everly and I can forget all of that. Even more if Aaron is playing with us too. 

Songs on repeat: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Christmas Lights.

Favorite show: Criminal Minds and The Big Bang Theory. Those are my all times favorites.

Favorite food: Street tacos. YUM.

Favorite activity: Dancing with Everly. I love love love that she dances now. 

Books I'm reading: Divergent series (read them already but must reread before the movie comes out!), Getting Things Done, and The Happiness Project (more to come on that).

Favorite moment: Attending my third birth in three months. I love birth and I love being a doula. It is the best job ever! 

Project: Making a tulle skirt. I keep changing my mind on how to do it so it's only halfway there. Maybe one day it will be finished. Also, sewing in general. I'm in love! 

Daily revelation: My daughter is going to grow faster than I want her to. All I can do is enjoy every moment and be grateful for each day. And encourage her to learn and explore, because she is curious and brave and fearless.

Favorite pictures: 

xo Sue


  1. too cute! Love reading your blog sue! you always have such great heartful posts! <3 Merry Christmas!

    1. aww thank you! I do try to put a little heart into them ;)

  2. your daughter is so cute! Hope the tulle skirt turns out awesome!


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