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Nov 3, 2013

taken in Japan when E was only 2 months old

Tis the season for all things pumpkin! And these pumpkin rice krispie treats are super simple and hit the spot. Just be sure to add extra krispies so they don't get soggy (gross). 

Jessica shared a recipe for sautéed tomato sauce that I'm dying to try. It looks so tasty! 

I've never made roasted pumpkin seeds before, but after Aaron carved ours out (on Halloween) I decided to try it. This recipe for sweet & salty surprised me with how good it was! I love when I take a chance on a strange idea and it turns out. 

Alex wrote a post called things younger me would like about older me that totally inspired me and made me think. What would younger Sue like about older Sue? Perhaps I see a post about that coming soon. 

This recipe for hot french onion dip was possibly the greatest dip I've ever made. I love the cold french onion dip that I use on chips so I gave it a chance and I'm so glad I did. 

Amira posted a recipe for mini chicken pot pies that looks I want to make them now that the weather has turned cool around here. 

And this skirt has always been one of my FAVS. I'm going to attempt to make one myself. If I fail I won't blog about it. If I succeed... that would be wonderful. 

PS Are we seeing a trend with all the recipes I'm sharing? I think I might be hungry at the moment... 

xo Sue

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  1. Thanks for sharing my sauce! It's delicious and we seriously do make it about once a week (it's on the menu again for this week)!


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