The Family

Oct 18, 2013

I sort of have a big family. I mean, I don't think it's big but other people tell me it is. I'm the oldest of 6. I don't talk about them much on here but honestly they mean the world to me. I love being a part of this crazy group of people. We always laugh and play when we're together and they can always cheer me up on a bad day. We haven't taken family pictures since we added Lizzie and Ever to the mix. As you can probably see, there will be another addition soon! I'm so blessed to have so many favorite people in my life.


  1. What a good looking family!! I love big families. I'm the youngest of five and we're all married and there are 14 grandkids with two on the way. It's crazy when we all get together but so fun!

  2. Beautiful photos, you all look so happy together. :)


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