I Come From Love

Sep 3, 2013

Oh sweet September, you have come! And what better way to celebrate than joining in Story of My Life's Blogtember? I love September. The beginning of Fall, the changing of the seasons, the adding of sweaters and boots back to my wardrobe! It's a beautiful time. And to start it all off, I'm going to share with you a little bit about where I'm from.

I come from two wonderful people. My mama and daddy. They met and married in Florida and less than a year later baby Suzy was born. My mom had fabulous 80's hair (and rocked it!) and my dad looked like a teenager even though he was in his 20's. They are adorable, no? And they're two of my favorite people in the world.

I come from a humid and tropical place. Although I don't remember much of it from my childhood, I do remember things about Florida from visits there as we were growing up. My parents would load their six children into a van and drive from Utah to Florida to visit the family. Sometimes my mom would make the drive with one of her parents and my dad would fly because he just couldn't be away from work for that long. Can you imagine driving 3 days each way across the country with six children in your van? I remember it as quite fun but I'm sure my mother has different (and much more accurate) memories.

I come from a place of love and devotion. I grew up thinking that parents never fought and always kissed when they saw each other. Now that I'm an adult I've found that I wasn't completely crazy for thinking that. My parents may not always see eye to eye, but they rarely fight and they never yell at each other. And they still kiss every time they see each other.

I come from a world that has continually changed. I've learned many things as I've grown older but I've never stopped believing in happiness and true love. And I have my parents to thank for that. They've been happily married for over 28 years. They exist on their own, but they're better together. They're true partners in life. I'll be forever grateful for the example they've given me in this life. They've made me believe that maybe fairytales are real.

xo Sue


  1. My goodness your baby photos look so much like Everly!

    A great post :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely story, I really enjoyed reading it. Your photos have such lovely memories. :-)

  3. Your title caught my attention. Lovely photos. Lovely story. You came from love, indeed.

    -Gab ☮

  4. I just fell in love with your parents a little. I feel like the gift of good parents with a healthy marriage is so special. I, too, had that and now that I'm married see just how HUGE that is.

    And 6 kids in a van?! Holy mollllies. At least her kids had good memories!

  5. I just hopped over from Jennis blogtember link up. I am so glad I found you today of all days; it is like starting from the beginning.
    You have a new follower! Happy Blogtember :P

  6. Hey I just stopped by from the blogtember link up! I am so glad I found you! You are so fortunate to have had parents who had a healthy marriage growing up, It is so rare to see a married couple who kiss everytime they see each other. What great role models you have. Can't wait to read more about you! :) You have a new follower!


  7. Sweet post! And love all the baby pics! :)

  8. The picture with you in the red with your dad looks so much like Ever. She is definitely your baby! I love this post!

  9. awhhh your parents are so cute and Love the example they have been! Everly looks just like you when you were a baby!! :)

  10. Your Mothers dress was fabulous.
    1)I love that you're a Doula. (yeah just stalking your blog)
    2) Wonderful pictures.
    3) Yes foe the 80's
    4) Your parents marriage is swoon worthy.

  11. Awww I so love these two! Sue I don't know if you it but your momma always has been and always will be one of my most favorite people on the planet! She came to help my momma with me after a car accident made it difficult for my mom to care for me (at least I think that's the story). I have no memory of this because I was so little but my heart remembers! Everytime I saw her growing up I always gravitated toward her! Please give her a great big hug for me the next time you see her! :)


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