Seven Months Old

Sep 20, 2013

Everly turning seven months old came and went without much fanfare. I was at a doula training conference all weekend and even though I was aware of my baby growing older it was easier to pretend it didn't happen because I wasn't present for every moment. Still, she continues to amaze me at every turn and insists on growing up into an amazing little person.

My lady E has grown in so many ways this month.
  • Everly is a big time crawler now. She began to crawl for real 6 days before her 7 month mark. She loves being able to get where she wants to go without dragging her face on the ground. Of course, her preferred method of travel is still to call out for her mama to pick her up.
  • She also LOVES to stand. All of the sudden she's decided she has no business sitting on the ground and she must be upright at all times. She walks around the room holding on to things. It's slow going but it's progress. I'm sure she'll be walking long before I'm ready for it. Also, if she can snatch a stool she'll push it around the room and walk with it. I've tried to capture it on video a few times but she seems to know when I'm recording and instantly stops performing her amazing little tricks. 
  • She can climb down from the bed now. She'll crawl to the edge, slip her legs out to dangle over the edge, and drop to the ground. Our bed is intentionally low to the ground because we bed-share and we want it to be as safe as possible for our lady. She often wakes up from her naps and slides to the floor before calling to her mama to get picked up. I laugh every time I walk in the room and she's standing next to the bed. She always looks SO proud of herself, I can't help myself from being proud too.
  • Everly loves to talk to anyone who will listen. Often when Aaron and I are having a conversation we'll look at her while talking to each other. Her eyes light up to be included and it makes my heart happy to see my daughter happy. I can see her learning while she watches us talk.
  • Ever still breastfeeds for 95% of her nutrients and is showing no signs of wanting to stop. I'm absolutely thrilled with this! I want to nurse her as long as she wants me to. I'm grateful every single day for our beautiful nursing relationship. I know we are so lucky to have this relationship and it never ceases to amaze me how much comfort and love it brings to both of us. However, given the chance Ever would eat cheese quesadillas for every single meal. Or bananas.

At seven months this perfect little lady has me in awe every single day. She is so smart, so sweet, so happy, so loving. She is a delight to everyone she interacts with and she never fails to make me smile. A small part of me feels this is all happening so quickly, watching this darling grow up, but a much more prominent part of me has felt and loved every single minute of these last seven months. I adore my role as her mother. Even on the hard days.
xo Sue

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