Clean Eating

Aug 5, 2013

We're changing the way we eat.

I don't want to call it Paleo. It's not quite that. For the entire month of August Aaron and I are giving up sugar and flour from our diets. Ever since moving back stateside we've been eating terrible food. We missed so many things while we were away so we were in food heaven moving home. Now that we've been back about a month and a half I've noticed a serious trend in our bad eating habits. So it's time for a change.

Last year I was super excited about a 30 day juice fast. I made it 12 days and became so horribly sick that I had to stop. I didn't know at the time that I was pregnant and it wasn't the juicing that made me so sick! But for the first 10 days I felt great. Getting back to the basics of food and really cleansing your body feels so amazing. We're not going quite as basic as juicing this time, mostly because I'm nursing Everly and I don't want to do anything to affect my milk supply. So we're eliminating the really bad stuff from our diets and we'll see how it feels.

I'm a little anxious to be giving up my dr pepper. I don't need it but it sure is my favorite drink when we go out. It's a good thing I like ice water though, right? I'll be sure to update through the month with our progress. I'm hoping for a refreshed body and mind, and a little weight loss too but that would just be an extra perk. We're on day 5 now and I feel great. I've held strong (even at a party with lots of treats!) and although I'm craving cupcakes I'm loving the way my body feels.

And on a separate but related topic, if you have any awesome recipes with no sugar and no flour I'd love to get my hands on them! Luckily Pinterest is filled with yumminess but I'd love some tried-and-true recipes too.

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