I Need Hair Help

Jun 10, 2013

This is my hair right now. On the right. It's super long. And it's dead. I mean not literally, but it's pretty dry and hates me so it might as well be. While I was pregnant this hair was gorgeous. I didn't have to do anything to it and it just looked fabulous every.single.day. Now that I'm not baby growing it has given up on me. So when I move to Utah (in just over a week!!!) I'm cutting it all off. This is where I need your help my friends. I can't decide how to cut it. I want it to or above my shoulders but I'm not opposed to going shorter than that. I'm not super attached to my long hair. It just sort of happened as a pregnancy side effect! I'm ready to go short again. Now I need opinions. Which of these hairstyles do you think I should go with? I posted them on Instagram a few days ago but I thought I'd ask my bloggy friends for advice as well. So which do you like?? Help my poor hair!

And what do you think of this color??
xo Sue


  1. Wow this one is difficult because I love them ALL!!! You are very brave to cut it all off!! I suggest #7. With your hair texture and the fineness of it, all the others are made for thick hair. (My mom is a hair dresser, so I have been told a lot LOL). All the others have really thick hair. Do something with layers so that way your hair doesn't fall limp, ya know?

    Can't wait to see it!

  2. Toughy! I like all the ones above the shoulder, especially 1, 2, and 7. I don't know though!!! I bet all would look great on you. Bring the pictures and ask the stylist what she thinks will work best with your face and hair. And I love that color!

    Excited to see.... good luck on the move!

  3. I love 5 and 1. I recently took the plunge and chopped 9 inches off my hair. It wasn't cool at first but once I figured out how to style it I freaking love it! Your hair is cute now too though.....I'm sure with your cute face anything would look good on you! Love your blog, found you on the link up.

  4. I vote 2, 4, 6, or 8. Your sweet pixie face would be perfectly framed...2 & 6 are my mostest favorites. 2 probably best of all. And the color is lovely. And I'm sorry, but I still think the hair you're wearing now is lovely... (=


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