Jun 5, 2013

"A change in direction was required. The story you finished was perhaps never the one you began." -Salman Rushdie

Thing on my mind: This last month has been intense. I never knew we could get so much done in so little time and still have so much to do. The next few days are do or die! We're definitely excited for the direction life is going though.

Project: Packing and moving while still trying to be a good mom and give my baby girl all the love and attention she deserves. Guess which one I like better and do more? I think the boxes should pack themselves.

Favorite moment: Watching Aaron and Everly play together. He can make her laugh like no one else can. It's magic.

Songs on repeat: Demons and Carry On.

Favorite activity: Doing silly things to make Everly laugh. Also, nighttime baths.

Books I'm reading: The Honest Life, The Defining Decade, and Inferno.

Food I'm loving: Crepes. Anything you can put on a crepe I'll eat. Well... almost anything.

Show I can't get enough of: American Horror Story. We just finished season two and oh my goodness. Creepy! I cannot wait for season three.

Daily revelation: I am loved.

Favorite pictures:
xo Sue


  1. Good luck getting everything done for the move!!

  2. Good luck with the move!

    PS - I thought of you when I saw that Tatum Channing named their daughter Everly - never ever heard of the name before yours!

  3. Good luck with the move!
    Love your pictures!

  4. crepes are a huge trend here good with strawberries and nutella!
    Win a Summery Blue Satchel!

  5. The one of them sleeping on the couch together *heart melted*


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