A Day (or Three) In June

Jun 28, 2013

While we were moving from Japan to Utah we stopped in Missouri to visit Aaron's family. We got to stay for a week and it was so much fun. We readjusted to being in the States (did you know a small drink in the States is a large in Japan?) and got to spend some much needed time with family. Of course Everly was spoiled like a princess but I believe that's obligatory for the first grandchild, no? 

I really loved the Day in May post I did last month so I thought I'd start that as a regular feature. Once a month document a day to see how our lives change over time. This month is a little different because I spread it out over a few days. I thought our visit warranted a few extra pictures than normal. So enjoy our day (or three) in June. 

Did you know they make maple bacon donuts? Another culture shock. It was deceptively delicious and a little bit sinful. Don't try it because it's awesome. Also, Aaron is spoiled and we took him to Worlds of Fun for Father's Day. It was the only thing he really wanted to do while in Missouri. How do you say no to that? Oh, and we ate breakfast pizza. It's a real thing.

xo Sue

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  1. Love all of these pictures! you guys are such a cute family! I never realized how many differences there are between US and other countries! like drink sizes!


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