"When I was a little girl..."

May 18, 2013

That line ^^ is one I heard repeatedly when I was young. From my dad. Every time he told me a story it started with "When I was a little girl..." which immediately set me into "Daddy, you were never a little girl!" We'd argue back and forth while my dad laughed hysterically at my insistence that he could never have been a little girl. But insist he did. Over and over he told me that he was a little girl but he grew up into a boy. I was so confused. At 4 or 5 years old I was *pretty sure* that could never happen. But 100%? Nope. The more he said it the more I fought it, and the more I believed that maybe, just maybe, I was going to grow up into a boy. So thanks for that dad. I love you.

ps Isn't he adorable? I love my daddy.
xo  Sue


  1. Ha! That's great! Dads are pretty much the best.

  2. hahah That's so something a dad would do. And so something that I, to some extent, would believe.


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