Three Bad Things

May 24, 2013

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It's hard to admit things about yourself that you know are bad, isn't it? I know that I'm not perfect (far from!) but it's difficult to actually come out and own up to my flaws. I'm pretty aware of what they are though. I think for the most part we know our flaws. While I don't like to focus on the negative, I do try and make personal improvements to myself. So it's time to own up to them, right?

I'm bossy. I always have been. I'm the oldest of six children and the only way to control the chaos was to boss the other five kids around. This trait carried over into my later years and although I think I've gotten better at it, I sometimes catch myself falling back into it without meaning to. Sometimes it can be a good thing, like when I need to be a leader at work or when I was in college and did school projects. But sometimes it's not so good. 

I procrastinate. Not everything. Not most things in fact. But things I don't think are going to be fun? I put them off until the very last minute. It's not a good thing! For example. Aaron, Everly, and I are moving in three weeks (give or take a few days). I have to pack my house up myself instead of the typical military style of the movers packing for me. And how many boxes have I packed? Two and a half. You read that right. I REALLY need to get on that. But my baby has been needy and my husband has been around and I have eight million other things to do. So I haven't packed. I promise to work on it this week. Probably. Maybe. It will get done at the last minute. I think.

I don't ask for help. I like to think I can do everything myself. I know best and I know how to take care of not only myself but everyone else. I love to nurture people. But often I take on too much, or life throws too much my way, and I try to do it all anyway. This doesn't usually work out for me. In the last three months Everly has taught me that I cannot do everything, and I certainly can't do it all alone. I will be forever grateful for my husband and everything he does for both of us. We would be lost without him.

I feel very vulnerable having listed three of my worst qualities for everyone to read. I promise you I'm aware of them all and I am trying to make them better. Acceptance is the first step, right? The last one is the biggest of all right now. Between a three month old daughter, a cross continent move, and a husband looking for a new job I've humbled myself very quickly. I've taken help when it's offered and asked for it when I find the need. It turns out I'm not the only one who wants to help people. I truly appreciate every person in our lives right now, especially those helping us through these huge transitions! 
xo Sue
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  1. I had to overcome asking for help. That's a biggy. And moving with a baby?! Ugggh. At least your shishkabob is non-mobile! Try adding a little loon in there who's crawling.

    And procrastination is the one theme I've seen on everyone's. Apparently bloggers just sit around wasting their time on the internet. Who woulda thought? ;)

  2. Oh I hate asking for help as

  3. Hi! I'm your newest follower, just found your blog through the link up. I'll definitely be stopping by again!

  4. Coming up with worst traits and putting them out there in blog land was so hard, I agree! Thanks for being honest and it's fun to get to know you better. I can definitely relate to everything you wrote. :-)


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