The Thing About Life

May 23, 2013

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The biggest thing I've learned about life? It goes on. No matter what happens to change the world, that much remains true. The consistency of a passing day is amazing. There have been a few times in my life when personal tragedy has struck and when I come out of the haze surrounding me I realize that everyone else has gone on without me. Just because my world ended (or changed drastically) doesn't mean the world has paused to wait for me. If anything it seems to speed up around me. How is that possible? When my heart breaks doesn't the whole world feel it? Doesn't the world notice the agony of enduring a single day? No. It does not. Life continues on. Days turn to weeks, to months, to years. Suddenly I realize time has passed and maybe I don't hurt so deeply. I feel deep joy and happiness again. Life goes on. And thank everything good in the world that it does. Because life is pretty amazing, don't you think?
xo Sue

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