That Time I Got Locked Out Wearing Only a Towel

May 9, 2013

You read that right, today we're talking about embarrassing moments. I don't embarrass easily. I'm pretty comfortable with myself. And even when I look back at this particular situation I don't think I was so much embarrassed as just thinking "man, this is awkward" the entire time. I suppose that's the same thing though.

So, I'm living in Washington (state). I was an event planner at a beautiful lodge in the Olympic National Park. Most people who worked there lived in these log cabins on the property. We had 2 rooms with a shared bathroom between them. It was like college but better because I had no studying to do. One day all my roomies (and pretty much everyone else) were at work or out playing. I'd just come back from a run and wanted a shower. Since no one was around I stripped down and walked to the bathroom (it was literally 5 steps from my door), leaving the windows and door to my room open because there was a great breeze that day. After my shower I dried off and wrapped my towel around me before walking back to my room. Where the door was now closed. And locked (because it was an automatic lock).

And suddenly it dawns on me that I'm naked with nothing but a towel, locked out of my room, and alone. Oops! So I'm faced with a decision. Do I try and climb through my window in a towel (you know, the one I can't even reach because it's too high off the ground)? Do I walk to the community cabin and call for the maintenance crew to come unlock my door? Or do I wander the cabins and hope someone else is home who can climb through my window for me? Well I picked that last option. It seemed the least horrifying of the three.

And you can probably guess the rest. A (very tall) boy climbed through my window, unlocked my door, and didn't hide his laughter at me being locked out in a towel. Don't worry, I made sure to tweet after it happened.

xo Sue


  1. Great story and at least you were in the vicinity of a tall Samaritan!

  2. Ohh, that's rough. I remember a fire drill in college once and this girl comes out in her tall all wet. It turned out to be an actual fire and she was so upset that she had to stand like that for about an hour.

  3. That's so awkward! But it makes for a great story afterwards!

  4. The cool thing about this that it is in the well, it's a great story! I try to remember that when I'm embarassed or things are going totally wonky for me. Hooray for tall boys! Lynaea @

  5. Total movie embarrassing moment. Like you can see it coming but just can't stop it, even while it's you in the moment. I'm sure the guy likes to tell the story too!! :)


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