May 31, 2013

A vivid memory. Two come to mind.

In the first I am standing with Aaron, looking into his eyes. Our closest family and friends are seated around us. I'm in a beautiful white dress, he's dressed in his military blues. We're both smiling like crazy people and squeezing each others hands tightly. We each take our turn to say the simple words "I do." It was a magical night.

In the second my beautiful daughter is handed to me. I'm breathing through an oxygen mask and feelings of ecstasy are coursing through my body. She's tucked into my arms by my husband, turns her face up to mine, and looks straight into my eyes. The last 12 hours completely melted away and all that was left was Everly and me. We started into each others eyes and all I could think was "I know you. I know you." I never knew my life was missing something so vital but suddenly it felt complete.

The past 31 days have been a ride. I have loved throwing myself back into blogging. I never really stopped, just slowed down, but I missed it. I've made some awesome new bloggy friends through this challenge and I've loved getting to know people better through the different writing prompts. I didn't really know if I was going to make it to the end of the month but here I am. It was rewarding, exhausting, and so much fun. Now I have to remember to keep blogging without writing prompts!
xo Sue

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  1. I have loved reading all your posts this month! And these are two beautiful memories. I loved the one about the two of you squeezing hands at your wedding. I actually have the exact same memory... I don't remember what was said at our wedding at all, but I vividly recall how tightly I was squeezing Stewart's hand. :-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always


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