Loving Other Bloggers

May 4, 2013

I have a lot of bloggers that I love and appreciate and sometimes I forget to tell them. Today's writing prompt is awesome (proclaim your love for another blogger) so here it goes. Last year I wrote about my love for other bloggers. I didn't truly love blogging until I started socializing with others and making bloggy friends. But here's the thing. In that first post I never mentioned the girl who inspired me to reach out to other bloggers in the first place. Her name is Abby and she writes a beautiful blog called Diligent Joy. She's been a guest blogger here a few times. I know Abby IRL and she writes her blog the same way she talks. She's very smart and fun to have a conversation with. She's a fellow book lover and just like me, has a slightly nerdy side (which I love!). She also knows (pretty much) everything about hair care and beauty products.

Back in the day (because I'm old) I had about 6 blog followers and every one of them I knew personally. I also read about 6 blogs and Abby's was one of them. I'd never thought about trying to grow my blog or expand the blogs I read. I always thought people would find it weird if a complete stranger read their thoughts on the internet and left comments about it. Even now I have a hard time leaving that first comment on a blog I love. I know, really weird, but I usually read blogs for a little while before I'm brave enough to comment and it makes me feel a tiny bit stalker-ish. But I digress. Because this is about my love for Abby and her blog.

I started to notice that Abby was gaining followers and having real connections with people she met online. I wanted to do that but I was still nervous. Then she started doing sponsor swaps (which I had to google because I didn't want to seem stupid and ask) and she asked if I wanted to swap with her. She wanted me, with my 6 whole readers, to do a sponsor swap with her. I was so excited. Probably a lot more excited than is normal but I'm looking at normal in the rearview mirror at this point. Because of Abby's sweetness and acceptance of my tiny blog I gained the courage to start making actual friends through my blog. I started reaching out, doing sponsor swaps, and meeting amazing bloggers. It was awesome and it has been ever since.

So today I'm telling you all how much I adore Abby and Diligent Joy. You should definitely go visit her if you've never been there. She is smart and sweet (and gorgeous), and she has a beautiful little girl that makes you want to keep coming back to visit. I promise you won't regret a visit to her blog!

On an unrelated topic, Everly has a new favorite song. Can't Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. I don't know what it is about that song but every time I play it she gets this huge grin on her face. Yesterday she even did a dance to it- with her dad's help of course. Don't mind the pj's. We're pretty casual around here. Also, her leg rolls may be my favorite thing ever.

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