May 2, 2013

I read on another blog (and now I can't remember which post so I very much apologize for that) that blogging is hard to get back into once you've stopped or slowed down because you lose the rhythm of it all. How true that is! I used to sit down at my computer every day (or almost every day) and write. Then I got pregnant and very sick and writing seemed like a distant memory. I'm hoping this Blog Every Day in May challenge will help me get back into the rhythm of things. Perhaps I have more to say than I give myself credit for? Or perhaps this will be a very boring month for my readers. Only time will tell.

Today the writing prompt is to educate my readers on something I know a lot about or am good at. Oh.boy. I've got nothing. I mean, I'm good at a lot of things (yoga, reading, driving a car, cell phone games), but nothing I'd want to bore you with. I do have a knack for catching the funny faces that my baby makes with my iPhone. You know the skill that allows you to hit the button at just the right moment when she's blinking or squinting or in the middle of a sneeze? I've got that one. I can touch my tongue to my nose but it would be hard to teach. I'm great at giving directions to my home. Anyone can find the way here thanks to me. I can fall and hurt myself when there's absolutely nothing in the vicinity to trip me but my own two feet. I always know how to use there/their/they're and your/you're. And I'm ridiculously good at talking about nothing. If you've made it to the end of this post you know that now.

Also, Everly and I played with Photo Booth on the computer today. She thought it was really cool, can you tell?
xo Sue


  1. Things with mother hood have changed so much. Taking pictures was time consuming and costly when mine was young. You didn't get them developed until you'd filled the whole roll, and have of them weren't any good and then you were suppose to take time and put them in a book, 99 out of 100 mothers are far too busy to do that. Sooooo, years later you wonder how old they were when they did x y z. Cute wee one.
    May Challenge

    1. I'm definitely glad I have the ability to take quick pictures of my baby and share them!


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