Flashback Favs

May 21, 2013

Today's writing prompt is fairly simple: A list of your favorite archived posts. I thought this one would be easy. It was more work than I thought, but very fun. There are crafty-ish posts like the time I made my own instagram art. The time I got bored with my keyboard and gave it a makeover. And the time I put quotes on canvas for Everly's room.

There are every day fun posts like our wedding photos (over a year later), Everly's newborn photos (10 whole days old!), and watching our lady grow (yes, she's really 3 months now).

Then there are more personal things like when I opened up about my divorce. Or when I shared Everly's birth story. That may be my very favorite post ever. Mostly because childbirth rocks and I felt like superwoman afterwards.

xo Sue

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  1. okay, i'm just gonna come right out and say it...
    i've TOTALLY had to look up those 1st 2 of your flashback faves {on more than one occasion} for inspiration and for your MAD DIY Skills.
    you're such a crafty momma!


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