Five Songs I Love

May 29, 2013

everything changes // 
one of the most emotionally powerful songs I know- listen to the words

Everything Changes by Staind on Grooveshark

party rock anthem //
our wedding song- yes, I'm serious and it was so fun to dance to

Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO on Grooveshark

dream big //
happy, loving, beautiful

Dream Big by Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband on Grooveshark

titanium //
again, the words- I listened to this song a lot when I was pregnant

Titanium by Madilyn Bailey on Grooveshark

darlin' //
I've always loved Avril and this one is my favorite


  1. love love love your taste in music :)!!

  2. ok.
    so i was playing your songs on here and when i got to the lmfao song, i paused it and went to the next.
    hailee walked in and was all, "mom, put that other song back on. it was my favorite song ever"
    she is 4.
    you just wait!


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