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May 19, 2013

I took these pictures today. The blossoms were too beautiful to just walk by. For BEDM we're sharing 5 blogs we love and why. This feels similar to day five's prompt of professing your love for another blogger but we'll go with it. Why not? I'll share my absolute favorites.
  • A Beautiful Mess - My favorite blog. Probably a lot of people's favorite blog. There's a reason for that! They're so fun and creative over at ABM. They share a little bit of everything and it's the first place I go for new recipes, DIY ideas, and home decor inspiration. 
  • Delightfully Tacky - This might sound strange, but I feel like if I met Elizabeth IRL we could be friends. She has great personal style, she's got a creative soul, and she writes beautifully. But aside from all of that, I just find something so likable about her. 
  • Little Chief Honeybee - This girl has some seriously fun style. Her outfits are always creative and enviable. And her tattoos? Love. 
  • Birth Without Fear - Every pregnant lady should read this blog. They share stories from all walks of life. All experiences. All people. There's support here for all women giving birth. It's inspiring and empowering. 
  • Post Secret - Does this count as a blog? Oh yes. It's not technically written by one person but by all people and that's what I love about it. Millions of secrets from around the world. All shared anonymously in creative and beautiful ways. I look forward to new posts every Sunday.
If you don't read these blogs you should give them a try. There's a reason they're my favorites.
xo Sue

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  1. I really like PostSecret too. I think I've read that website for four or five years. Every Saturday night before I go to sleep.

    Anyway, I'll have to check out the two blogs you listed that I've never heard of! I just tabbed the pregnancy one-- I am fascinated with pregnancy and childbirth. Right now I'm reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility and it is so interesting. Am I trying to get pregnant right now? HA. No. But it's fascinating nonetheless.

    PS I am new. I found you because I creeped on your comment over at Life of Bon.


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