Weekly Bump Pics

Apr 16, 2013

Once again I realized how far behind I've fallen. My weekly bump pictures were so fun while I was pregnant. The first half of my pregnancy I only took pictures every 2-3 weeks. I think mostly because I was so so sick that I couldn't stand the thought of posing in front of a camera. I got better as the pregnancy went on though and now I love that I have them. It's so fun to watch my baby grow week to week. The 40 week picture is actually 40 weeks & 3 days (obvi I was in the hospital). I'll admit this. When I hit 40 weeks I was just a little depressed that she was still in there so I never got around to taking a picture. Once we were at the hospital I realized it was now or never so the camera came out. And now, almost two months later, I'm finally getting around to sharing these. I guess I just have other things on my mind. Like soaking up all the tiny baby snuggles I can.

xo Sue


  1. too funny, i just posted the same type of post yesterday! It's so great to have these photos!

  2. ehrmagerd you are soooo cute! You should wear those glasses more often, I love them!!!

  3. You looked lovely with your baby bump, all the way through! The only thing that seems to change is the size of your tummy.

    I miss that sometimes...pregnancy. When I was pregnant (I've had five babies), no one that I knew of called a pregnant mama's growing tummy a baby bump. But I did live in a small city in the interior west.... (= I would have loved documenting my growing baby bumps, had it occurred to me. I loved the intimacy of feeling my baby's movement...kicks, wiggles, hiccups. I miss the little fluttery feeling when each baby first made themselves known to me. And especially, I miss the sweet baby years after each birth. My youngest is 8 now.

    Enjoy! Lynaea @ EveryDayBloom.com


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