Sunday Favorites

Apr 27, 2013

Remember when I used to do Sunday Favorites? Those were so fun. I'm starting them again. Probably not every Sunday, but as often as I want. No rules for blogging- hooray! Okay, I got that out. Now on to my favorites.

Shelly had adorable pictures taken of Miss Lizzie (seriously, cutest niece ever!) and her family. I adore them.

This crepe maker has recently made an appearance in our home. I love it so much and I've gone a little crepe crazy. If you have any great ideas for crepe toppings please share them! I'm always excited to try something new.

Jane does a weekly link-up called Monday Menu Planning. I have yet to link up (I hate to make excuses but Monday in the States is Tuesday in Japan... it throws me off) but I often go there to borrow dinner ideas from other bloggers. Jane makes some delicious food. I'm was going to ask her to move in and cook for me but I think she's miss her husband.

I'm currently obsessed with typewriters. This one in particular is a favorite. If you want to buy me a gift... okay I might just buy it for myself.

Abby wrote about her reconnection to yoga. It came at the perfect time for me because I've recently reconnected with yoga as well. I try and do it every day but with a 2 month old it doesn't always happen. We're getting better though and Abby's post reminded me of how important it is to take the time for yourself each day.

And this article called "Say No To The Say No To Size Zero Campaign" is worth a read for every lady out there.

xo Sue


  1. Haha! Aww thanks! I would miss the hubsters but the offer is enticing!! I am soooo jealous of your crepe maker! I love making crepes and they turn out just fine in a pan but I bet you can get them so thin and delicious with an actual crepe maker!! One of my favorites is ham and asparagus topped with hollandaise sauce.

  2. This is great- thanks, Sue! Is yoga big in Japan?

  3. I love that last article!

    I need one of those crepe makers. Japanese crepes are so delicious.


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