Romantic Maternity Pictures

Apr 30, 2013

Is it too late to post maternity pictures? Oh well, I'm sharing them anyway. I had romantic maternity pictures taken as a gift for my husband. We both loved my pregnant body and one day I'm going to want to remember how it looked. Like when I'm 85 and lost my looks. Or next time I'm pregnant and retain lots of water to make up for that not happening this time. Or whatever. I loved my body. I loved growing my daughter. I love these pictures. 

xo Sue


  1. I love these and that's saying a lot because maternity photos normally gross me the f out. Seriously. These are really tasteful and sexy (is that weird that I just called you sexy? I hope not).

    P.S. My first pregnancy was pretty easy and I my body didn't get all weird or puffy. I'm TERRIFIED that my second one will be the complete opposite and I'll look like a blob.


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