Apr 10, 2013

I realized this morning that I never wrote about our visitors last month. How behind can I get? For Everly's birth, my mom, Shelly, and Lizzie all came to Japan to be with us. It was amazing. Everly was born at 5:20pm on the 20th and they arrived at 9:00am on the 21st. We couldn't have planned it better. My mom definitely called it. She told me for weeks before that I was going to go into labor while she was on a plane. It turns out I went into labor 2 hours before she got on the plane. Close enough, right? I called them while they were driving to the airport and said "She's going to beat you here!" They were so excited and very anxious to get to us. 

Everyone asks me if it was overwhelming having them here or if their trip was too long (Shelly & Lizzie stayed 2 weeks and my mom stayed 4). The answer is NO. I loved having them in our home. I would have kept them forever but apparently they missed their husbands. While they were here there was so much love (don't worry though, there's still plenty of love). Not to mention, I met my sweet Lizzie in person for the first time. Hugging that baby is second only to hugging my own daughter. I already knew what a wonderful mom Shelly is but seeing it in person made my heart happy. She is a beautiful role model to me and an example of what I should strive to be. She and Lizzie have a real mother-daughter connection that makes everyone smile. Lizzie loves her mama. 

Don't judge too harshly. The only pictures I have from the trip were taken with my iPhone. I was too tired to pull out my big camera. Even with all that help I was exhausted and sleep deprived. Luckily I had amazing ladies and a wonderful husband to help me through those first few weeks. It was a beautiful transition thanks to them. 

That last picture may be my favorite one ever. My husband loving his daughter and my hand on his shoulder. They make me so happy.
xo Sue

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  1. These pics are so beautiful and your family is so wonderful!! I love them and am jealous. Ugh you make me want to go have a baby dammit. I love your face!!!


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