My Heart

Mar 11, 2013

My baby will be three weeks old tomorrow. It's moving by so quickly and I'm loving every second of it. She's keeping her eyes open for longer every day. She's learning to hold her head up on her own. She's gained almost a pound since her birth, and an inch and a half in length. She loves to nurse and is an absolute pro at it. She's a total mama's girl, but she adores her daddy and grandma too. Between the three of us hardly a minute goes by that she's not being held or kissed or adored. I love to sit and stare at her. She makes the best noises and her sneeze is the cutest sound ever. Her big blue eyes stare straight into mine and I swear she understands me when I talk to her. There are laughs, tears, smiles, and sleepless nights. She is the best part of life. I adore being the mom to this little lady.
xo Sue


  1. It seems like it's going so fast already, and she's not even mine!

  2. She is a BEAUTIFUL little angel! WOW! xoxo


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