Mar 27, 2013

"I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better." -Maya Angelou

Thing on my mind: Giving birth has irrevocably changed me. Being a mom is the most amazing thing I could hope to do with my life. This little angel is such a blessing.

Favorite moment: Waking up each morning with Everly in our bed. Her early morning smiles make my heart happy.

Songs on repeat: Radioactive, If I Lose Myself, and The Phoenix

Favorite activity: Baby wearing. I wouldn't get a single thing done if I couldn't strap Everly to me. If you want to try baby wearing I recommend this sling, this sling, this mei tai, or this carrier.

Books I'm reading: The Baby Book, Beyond the Sling, and Tenth of December

Project: Getting Everly command sponsored. This makes it legal for her to be here in Japan. It takes forever.

Show I can't get enough of: The Following. Aaron and I hate waiting for new episodes.

Food I'm loving: Hint of lime tortilla chips with queso dip.

Daily Revelation: Life is Beautiful.

Favorite Pictures:
xo Sue


  1. We are obsessed with The Following too. It is crazy... brings out so many emotions and leaves the best cliffhangers.

    Glad to hear things are going good!

  2. ok this post confirms your comment you left me. we are twins! I have radioactive stuck in my brain. I downloaded it once I heard it on the preview of the movie the Host andddd tortilla chips lol...crunch crunch crunch!

  3. The Following!!! I love it and can't even wait for the finale. It's such an intense show. I wish Colt watched it with me because it's so creepy sometimes. The last episode was especially scary. And I have a major girl crush on Claire.

    Have you watched The Americans? It's in its first season, too, and is really good. I like it just as much as The Following. It's on FX. I think you'd like it!


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