Subway Art For An Awesome Husband

Jan 7, 2013

Christmas has come and gone but I want to share with you my favorite gift I gave to Aaron. It's probably not his favorite gift (because lets be honest, I rock at finding my husband just the right gift) but I know he loves it and that just makes me happy. Along with buying him fantastic things, I like to give him handmade/homemade gifts from the heart. I sat down with a pen and paper and started writing down words to describe him. Then I took those words and made my own subway art. Since I have a photo printer this gift literally cost me $.25 for the piece of 8x10 photo paper and $1.25 for the frame I found. If you don't have a photo printer at home you can go to your local Target/WalMart/Kinko's and get your subway art printed for just a few dollars. I don't have that luxury here in Japan!
If you don't want to (or don't know how to) make your own subway art then here's an easy trick. Go to Wordle, put in all the words you want to use, and click create. It will spit out custom made subway art in seconds. Then you can edit the colors, font, and style to fit what you're looking for. I started this project using Wordle but ended up wanting to make my own. Now any time Aaron wants to, he can look at this message made from his wife and remember what an awesome husband (and person!) he is.
xo Sue

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