I Love My Glasses

Jan 3, 2013

Since the beginning of my pregnancy my eyes have been much more irritable than usual. My contacts have been so itchy and I just haven't wanted to wear them. Usually my glasses are for early morning or late night only! I always thought I just looked silly in them. But Aaron convinced me that they looked cute (or he thinks so anyway) so I got some new ones for everyday wear.

I'm always a little wary of things that seem to good to be true (aren't we all?), but when I heard about Firmoo's first pair free program I was curious. Their glasses look so cute and when you get a pair of prescription (or non-prescription) glasses for free (all you pay is shipping!) it's hard to beat.

This red pair I selected is (sadly) not available anymore. It's unfortunate because they're so cute! There are similar pairs here, here, and here. None of them are this fun red I have, but almost every pair of glasses on their site comes in at least one color besides black. I had so much fun uploading my picture (they have a virtual try-on that was surprisingly accurate!) and flipping through the different frames to get an idea of what I wanted. In the end I was brave and chose red, telling myself that I'd already ordered a pair of black frames, so it was time to be a little more bold!

And speaking of already ordering black frames... before I was contacted by Firmoo, I had already found them on my own and ordered not one, but three pairs of glasses. These black frames are my favorite of those. They're very Harry-Potter-esque, don't you think? They make me feel just a little bit nerdy and I kind of love that. Because I am a little bit nerdy.

Oh, and can I tell you how much I love these sunglasses? I've never had prescription sunglasses. This is my main reason for always wearing my contacts. My eyes are super sensitive to bright lights and if I have glasses on I can't wear sunglasses, too. Sadly my eyes are not the kind that don't really need glasses for everything. I am blind as a bat without help. Seriously, I can't read my shampoo bottle in the shower if I'm not wearing my contacts. So the idea of wearing glasses out in the bright sunlight? Ick. Enter my new sunglasses. All I do is slip the normals off and these fabulous sunnies on and voila, I can see! If you've never worn glasses you'll probably think what I just said is very silly but hopefully some of my dear bloggy friends understand exactly what I mean. To make these even better, I got to choose the color tint (gray or brown) and how dark I wanted them (I chose the darkest they would go). They are perfect.

If you've been contemplating new glasses or sunglasses (remember, they don't have to be prescription!) you should definitely take a look at the selection Firmoo carries. Your first pair is completely free, all you pay is shipping (plus they do refunds/exchanges if you're not satisfied). You just can't beat that deal! They're fun to pick out, easy to order, GOOD quality glasses. And I absolutely love to wear them. It's the comfort my eyes have been craving. 

*We were given one free pair of prescription glasses in exchange for our honest review of the product. The other glasses pictured were purchased by Sue because that's how much she loves them. All opinions expressed are our own.*
xo Sue & Shelly


  1. Those red ones are so cute! I love it!! (:

  2. I really need to get a new prescription so I can check Firmoo out. I've heard so many good things!

  3. Posts like these make me wish I *needed* glasses! ;)
    You look adorable!


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