A Year Later and Still Wonderful

Jan 9, 2013

Right after our wedding I got about 50 pictures back (I've shared a few previously) but it wasn't until today (yes, a year later) that I got the rest of them. Obviously I love them- they're my wedding pictures! I debated on sharing them since it's been so long but then I remembered that you can never have too many wedding pics. I narrowed them down to a few favorites for now and I may post more later should the whim strike me. The very last one has been shared before, but it is my absolute favorite picture from that day.

For those that weren't around a year ago here's a quick recap. Aaron and I were married by one of my best friends in Eden, Utah. It was a small to-do with just over 40 people. We had a very short & sweet ceremony, followed by a delicious dinner, and lots of dancing. I loved having something so small and intimate because I felt like I actually got to spend quality time with every person who made the trip to our wedding. Aaron is from Missouri so we had quite a few out-of-towners, and Eden is in the mountains of Utah so only a few people didn't travel far to reach us. It meant so much to have our closest family and friends there. A few days before the wedding we had a huge party at my parents house to celebrate the wedding and let EVERYONE meet Aaron (I have over 100 cousins/aunts/uncles/grandparents so it was a big thing). It was so much fun but a little overwhelming (I can't imagine for Aaron since he has such a small family!) and I'm glad our actual wedding was more low-key and intimate. Everyone has a different plan for their wedding and what they want. For us this was absolutely perfect.

Even a year later I still delight in looking at these pictures. I love the way that Aaron looks at me in them. He still looks at me that way. And when he does I feel deep down inside just how much he loves me.

PS Do you like my sprained ankle? That happened at my bachelorette party. Luckily the party was the weekend before the wedding so I had 5 whole days of healing before walking down the isle. Needless to say, I wore flats at the wedding.
xo Sue


  1. I'm glad it's still wonderful. :)

  2. Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

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  3. Sweet post! Thanks for sharing.

    PS love the kids making the faces ;)


  4. Awww so beautiful! Happy anniversary!I love all these pictures.

  5. SO CUTE! If I could change one thing.. it would be we would have had a ceremony instead of doing just us. Pictures like these remind me of how strong love is and how it CAN be captured!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Great shots!! Love the last one and the one of you both dancing.

  7. ugh omg stop being so cute. For some reason my favorite of you two together is the one where you're cutting the cake. Aaron just looks so gentlemanly and sweet!!! and you look gooorrggeeouussss. :)


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