Goodbye 2012

Dec 31, 2012

2012 has been so good to us here at As It Seems. This little blog started off the year as Hello. Also, I love you. and I was the only author. Aaron and I added Twink to our family on January 2nd (talk about starting it out right). Later in January I opened up on my blog for the first time about my divorce. As painful as that experience was, it helped make me the person I am today. I finally wrote about it because I wanted others to know that it does get better. In February I participated in a short story challenge that was so much fun. In March poor Twink had surgery and I celebrated my 26th birthday. I'm a believer in birthday week because one day is just not enough to celebrate a person. In April I talked about reaching out to other bloggers. I used to be so good at that and I'm resolving to be good at it again. I know I'm not the only one who wants to connect with others. In May I did not one, but two home tours. They're different though! I also officially became As It Seems. In June I shared an easy keyboard makeover to make your computer a little more fancy. I also became an aunt to the most beautiful little girl, Elizabeth Ann, and one week later I found out I was pregnant. And that's when my blogging lull hit, because my pregnancy made me so sick that I could barely move from the couch most days. In July Twink turned 1 and we celebrated in style. In August I announced my pregnancy for the whole wide world to know. Also, my BFF Jessi came to Japan to visit and we had many awesome adventures despite my awful sickness. In September I hit the halfway point in my pregnancy and found out we're expecting a BABY GIRL! We also added Tally to our family. She's a handful but we love her. In October we went to the Air Force Ball and celebrated Aaron's 27th birthday (isn't it nice of him to be older than me?). In November my fabulous sister Shelly joined me as co-author of this little blog and she shared her very first AIS blog post, a delicious pumpkin cake. Aaron and I also celebrated our first (of many!) wedding anniversary. December ended our fantastic year with a DIY for (easy) custom made canvas and an insanely delicious recipe for banana bread. And of course, our AIS holiday card! Shelly and I have both been so blessed this year. We hope you've all had a beautiful one, too. And Happy 2013!
xo Sue & Shelly

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