A Little Thing

Dec 2, 2012

Every morning I walk by her room and this is what I see. 
And every day it gets just a little bit closer to the day we get to bring her home. 
This will be her special place. 
I want her to always feel safe here. 
The world is a big, scary place but her home will be a happy one. 
I've taken so much joy in creating a room for her.
I've put together a place where we can spend time together as mother and daughter.
A place where we can laugh and play and read and sing.
A place where we can snuggle together as a family and forget everything else.
I can't wait to share it with her.
I can't wait to bring my daughter home.
xo Sue


  1. Such an exciting time! It's so hard to wait for that special day, but boy is it worth it!!

  2. So sweet. <3 And I love that ruffle blanket!!

  3. A place where she will cry non stop and spit up on you and eventually color on the walls...but you will love her anyway. Trust me, I've just had that day. :D

  4. that blanket has so many ruffles, i could die!!
    bless your baby's sweet little pink and white heart.
    i love it :)


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