Thankful Thursday

Nov 7, 2012

We thought it would be fun this month to focus on the things we're thankful for in life. It's so easy to see the negative because there is plenty of it in this world but we want to actively think about the positive. So Shelly & I are making lists each week of the things that we're thankful for. If you have your own list leave us a link in the comments so we can visit you! Together we can celebrate the beauty that is life.

Sue's List
  1. My husband. He is my favorite person and the best part of my life. He does so much for me and always reminds me of how special I am to him. He is the love of my life.
  2. My daughter. She may not have made her official debut into this world but she is already everything to me (and Aaron). Her smallest movements make this whole pregnancy worth it and I'm counting the days until she'll be in my arms.
  3. My puppies. They are so fun, full of energy, and always entertaining. They make me laugh when they play together and they're the best snugglers in the world.
  4. My family. Not just my husband & daughter, but my parents, my siblings, and my in-laws. I am so lucky to have a wonderful, loving family. I know not everyone gets that and I am incredibly blessed.
  5. My niece. I know, she's part of my family, but she's brand new and so very special to me that she gets listed by herself. She is the prettiest, happiest baby I know (until my daughter comes along and then there's two of them!). 
  6. My husband's job. I'm so grateful for it because it allows me to be a stay-at-home wife and soon-to-be mom. I love that I have the opportunity to stay home with my daughter and raise her. I never thought it was something I wanted until the opportunity came to me. Now I can't imagine it any other way.
  7. Technology. Because of amazing computers, internet, and cameras I have been able to stay in close contact with my family even when there are 5,000+ miles separating us. I can talk them any time I want and I've been able to share pictures of my pregnancy with the people who love me and can't be here by my side.
These are the big things. I suppose next week I'm going to have to think of the little (but still wonderful) things. Every day is beautiful. Every day has something to be thankful for. We just have to remember that.
xo Sue
Shelly's List
  1. Aaron has been my best friend for over two years and I rely on him for everything. He is sweet and loving to our baby girl and I love watching them play together. I am grateful that he works hard to take care of our little family. I am also grateful that he loves me in spite of my many imperfections.
  2. Lizzie is my darling angel. I am so thrilled that she chose to join Aaron and me on this earth. Some things I love about her are: the coy smile that she gives me when I get her up from her naps, the loud and shrill sounds that she makes trying to talk to me, her sweet little hands that grip mine so tightly when she practices standing. These are just a few of the things she does to melt my heart. I am thankful that she is healthy and happy and I love teaching her new things each day.
  3. I am thankful to live in such a wonderful country that allows us the freedom of religion. I love the Lord and am grateful for His presence in my life. I can feel His love surround me. I am grateful to live in such a blessed nation.
  4. I am grateful for chocolate :)
Okay so that last one is silly but true! I have a wonderful life and am trying to enjoy each and every day. Gratitude plays a big part in how we view our lives. The more grateful we are, the happier we seem to be. This will be a fun way to take a close look at what we really appreciate in life. Hope you all can find positive things in yours as well!
xo Sue & Shelly

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