My Growing Bump

Nov 29, 2012

We have less than 12 weeks left until Baby Girl's due date. When I think about that I freak out just a tiny bit. Mostly it's a good freak out, but it's a little bit nervous/scared too. I think I deserve the nervous/scared bit though. In 12 weeks I have to physically shove 8+ pounds out of my body through a hole that isn't exactly sized properly for that. Sorry. I tried to make that as non-gross as possible but we all know it is. And that's just part of life, right? 

Moving on... I thought it would be fun to put together a collage of my baby bump so far. I have no idea why I decided to turn the opposite direction in week 20. Maybe I was feeling rebellious. Also, at the beginning I was planning on wearing the same outfit each week to watch it grow. Obviously I got bored of that pretty quick. I have pictures from before 14 weeks, but I feel like 14 was when there was a "real" bump there and not just something you pretended you saw to make me feel better, so that's where I started. And at the beginning I only took pictures every few weeks. Mostly because I felt like CRAP all the time and taking pictures was not my main priority. I've started to feel better in the recent weeks and although my nausea/vomiting isn't completely gone, it has become much more tolerable and I have no reason to complain. It's certainly better than back in July when I took a lovely trip to the hospital. It does get better! Sort of. (Can you tell I originally wrote this Saturday night just hours before my second trip to the hospital? Well played, life.)

So here she is. Our growing Baby Girl. 

*If you read my baby blog I'm sorry for the duplicate post. This was something I wanted to share on both! 
xo Sue

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  1. AH! I'm so happy you found my blog!! And can I just say that you're adorable in your bump photos?! Can't wait to follow along :)


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