Big Changes

Nov 1, 2012

If you take a look around you'll notice a few things are different here. My amazing sister Shelly is joining me as co-author of this little blog and I am so excited about it! Shelly is my very best friend in the whole wide world. She's 14 1/2 months younger than me and we grew up doing everything together. In school we got asked if we were twins even though back then I was obviously taller. Though she now outranks me in height (only by about 2 inches) I will always beat her in age. Now that I think about it I'm not sure that's something to be happy about.

When I was 19 I moved to New Jersey to be a live-in nanny for a wonderful family. I loved them and really enjoyed my time there but I was lonely. There was almost no one else my age anywhere close to me. So what did my sister do? She told me to find her a family to nanny and she'd come live close by and we'd have adventures together. I asked my boss to ask around and within days we had a job for Shelly only 10 minutes from the family I lived with. We spent an entire year there together taking day trips into New York City and pretending we were grown-ups. That year is one of the best memories I have and the time when Shelly and I really cemented our deep connection we'd had all our lives.

In March 2011 Shelly got engaged to Aaron (J). In May 2011 I got engaged to Aaron (C). In June 2011 Shelly got married. In November 2011 I got married. In June 2012 Shelly had her beautiful daughter (and seriously the cutest niece ever!), Elizabeth. And in February 2013 I will have my darling girl and Elizabeth's future best friend. We never planned to do all these things together but it sure is nice that it worked out that way.

Now Shelly and I live 5170 miles apart (Shelly in Utah, me in Japan) but we are as close as ever. We video chat during the week and text every day. She is still and always will be my best friend. So when I decided I wanted to change up my blog she was the first person I thought of to help me. We're both going through big transitions in our lives but the most important thing to both of us has always been family. Plus Shelly is the queen of actually MAKING the things she pins on Pinterest. Instead of just thinking about them like I do. There will still be my mushy, personal posts, but we're adding fun & easy recipes, creative ideas & crafts, the occasional outfit, maternity stuff, and mom-talk. It will be the culmination of two little mamas who just want to make life a little more fun.

We updated our "about" info, so go read About Sue & About Shelly to get to know us a little more. We hope you enjoy this new blogging adventure!
xo Sue & Shelly


  1. This is so sweet. There is definitely no denying that you're sisters. Both such pretty ladies. I haven't been over to your blog in a while, but have been keeping up with you on Instagram, and look forward to catching up on the blog again now too! Welcome, Shelly!

  2. Aww what an awesome change! I love it! Sisters always make the best friends.

  3. Cool! Looking forward to seeing how your blog changes now it has two authors! :)

  4. how interesting! hopefully now there will be tons of posts from y'all! i love it when i have the chance to read your stuff :)

  5. This is going to be so much fun!!!


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