Sunday Favorites on a Monday

Jul 9, 2012

just a little favorite from when I lived in Washington

Chelsea shared this adorable paint chip matching game DIY.

I LOVE avocados, so these avocado salads just went to the top of my want list.

Sara has a delish-looking recipe for coconut ginger zucchini bread. Must try!

Jane showed off her favorite couples photography shots- great to remember!

This blackened chicken & cilantro lime quinoa makes my mouth water.

Patricia wrote a fantastic post about the meaning of home. Utah is "home" to me always.

As a small side note to my wonderful readers that I love: I've been so sick that everyday life is difficult and blogging just falls to the side and I think sometimes that's okay. I'm doing my best and that's all I can do! I have a fantastic guest poster & giveaway coming later this week so be excited.


  1. It's 7:40am and I now want (no, NEED) blackened chicken.

  2. Aww, get better soon! Take all the time you need - blogging can get pushed to the side sometimes, and you're right - it's totally okay!

  3. Feel better! Being sick stinks. :( Thanks for including me! I always love this post and scoping out your cool finds for the week.

  4. GREAT picks!! I am all over those avocado salads!! Thanks fro adding my zucchini bread recipe :)

  5. oh dear! sue darling, i pray and hope you are feeling MUCH better asap!! Miss you! and i know how you feel about "home" arizona is my home..but a certain city is :) take it easy!


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