A Happy Fourth

Jul 5, 2012

4th of July was awesome. Except there were no fireworks. I guess that's what I get for living overseas. Apparently the AF base didn't want to do them because they thought the weather would be bad- it wasn't. Aaron and I went to the "State Fair" and it was a lot of fun. Aaron got a turkey leg and loved it, I had yakisoba (one of my favorites!), and Twink just enjoyed being out with us. Plus they had a life-size angry birds game that was so much fun.
Because he loves me, Aaron grilled burgers for dinner. He thought Twink deserved one since it was a special occasion so this tiny one was made especially for him. That crazy look in Twink's eye came from his excitement when he realized he was getting the whole thing. He also snatched it before I had a chance to take a real picture and hid under the coffee table to eat it, afraid it would be taken away. 
We had such a wonderful day! And the best part? It was the first day of Aaron's leave. Two whole weeks of no work! We're going to have a blast. I'm already having a hard time finding the minutes to blog with Aaron not working but don't worry, I'll make it work! How was your 4th of July?


  1. Mmm! That food looks good! I ended up going to my best friend's apt for a barbeque in her backyard.

  2. What a fun 4th of July! We didn't have fireworks here either. Too much heat and no rain caused a burn ban and they were all cancelled - bummer :( I hope that you two enjoy every minute of Aaron's time off!

    P.S.- I soooo want to play that life-sized Angry Birds! Awesome!!

  3. That pulled pork sandwich/burger looks amazing. Looks like you had a fun 4th! I actually just blogged about mine, feel free to check it out :)


  4. Real life Angry Birds looks hilarious, but not quite as hilarious as manic-looking-burger-eating Twink! Cute! :D

  5. Glad you had fun at the festival! It's nice to see another blogger in Misawa (most of them that I've found have moved away). Did you know about the fireworks festival next week at Towada Lake? I've heard it's supposed to be great - I think we'll go and get our fireworks fix since they didn't have any on the base :)


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