A Lot of Favorites

Jul 29, 2012

this is my insanely cute family 2 years ago, right before any of us were married
Kirsten did a darling spoon ring tutorial that got published in Green Craft. How cool is that?

Mindy shared a Macaroni Salad recipe with her readers. I'm not usually big on pasta but lately I've been loving it!

Kristina has been hosting a Simple Steps to Healthy Living series on her blog that I've loved.

Alynne did a great if you really knew me post that made me smile.

Brielle posted a his & hers Q&A with her husband that was so much fun. I might have to try it myself.

Nicole made these adorable vintage button rings and I want to wear them.

Kelsie did a Color Fun Run that made me jealous because I've always wanted to do one.

And last but not least, I know that I have been a hands-off blogger this month but I'm finally starting to feel a little bit better. I also have some really exciting things coming in August. If you want to do a sponsor swap in August let me know, I have a few spots left & I promise to be more hands on. I really do!


  1. Your family is cute! I'm glad your feeling better...Let me know if you still want to swap!

  2. man we're such a cute bunch! i miss you sue! hope you're feeling better! i love you, and that little baby inside you :)

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  4. Your family is adorable! That photo almost makes me wish I had siblings! :P

  5. that's such a great picture!!
    um... did someone^up there^ spill the beans...

  6. What a darling family photo. You look like a baby there! I am dying over Kirsten's published spoon ring tutorial. She's the coolest. And so are you!

  7. Hey there! Congrats! You have been nominated for the Sunshine Award! You can read all about it on my blog, as well as get the instructions you will need to accept the award!

  8. oh sue, you and your sibs are SO dang cute! :) glad i stopped by today!


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