Sunday Favorites

Jun 9, 2012

one of my favorite engagement pictures
photo credit: Aja Kayser

Hooray for Sunday Favorites! 
They're going to start coming with random pics from both present and past. 
Just because.

This One Man Disney Movie is hysterically awesome. He plays all the parts and his voice is enviable.

Allyce hosted a link up this week called Is That Normal?! and it was so fun to read. I hope she does it again!

I'm dying to try this hairstyle even though my hair isn't quite long enough. I may attempt it anyway and blog about my failures afterward.

Lou shared her afternoon with High Tea and it made me want to join in the fun. I consider myself fancy.

I want to make this to share with pretty people I meet. They must also be semi-intelligent to understand it.

Stephanie shared a post filled with laughter that made my day.

My niece is going to be part of this world ANY DAY NOW and I think she needs this for her nursery.

Heather is one of my friends IRL and she just started a blog (and I designed it so it's pretty but I'm biased). It's awesome because there are adorable baby pics and who doesn't love those?

And this exact thing happened to me last night. I even took pictures of the demons- I'm convinced. 


  1. I love that picture of you two. Thanks for sharing all this. Have a nice Sunday!

  2. Heheh! I like the "Your chromosomes have combined perfectly" card. Awesome.


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