Perfect Capture

Jun 13, 2012

This week was amazing for photography. 
I captured what I can honestly say is my favorite picture I've ever taken.

I swear, it's not edited- only sized.
Aaron and I were walking with Twink and he spotted this beautiful butterfly. I took a few shots quickly, afraid he would fly away, but none of them were quite right. So I got down on my stomach and photographed him at his level. He just sat there while I took a few pictures. This was the last (and by far the best) of the pics & as soon as I captured it he flew away. It's like he knew he was being photographed. 
It was magical.


  1. wow, that butterfly shot is incredible!!!!!
    i wish i could snap a picture but by the time i whip out my camera they already fly away, ha
    xo TJ

  2. So pretty, I love capturing butterflies! The angle you got is incredible :)

  3. That is a great shot! I love when a photo turns out just perfect!

  4. So neat!! Butterflies are lovely =) We can find blessings in such neat things; life is a miracle for sure!

  5. That is not only amazing, it's a beautiful story!!!

  6. Very cool shot! Yes, sometimes you have to get down and dirty to get that perfect shot! Love this!

  7. Beautiful photo - I never imagine to get photos perfectly timed like that! :)


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