Lost In Love

Jun 5, 2012

I don't usually do outfit posts. I'm kind of terrible at them. As you can see... this is more of just a shirt post. But this is a new shirt of mine and I absolutely love it. One of my favorite sayings is "get lost in love." And Aaron and I go and do just that. Pretty much all the time. Yes, we're THAT couple. And we're kind of annoying. But I digress. When I found this shirt I had to have it. Since it's terribly hard to read I'll just tell you what it says.

"Let's find some beautiful place to get lost. Lost in love, lost in life."

And because I love you all, I'm going to share with you my super awesome secret to rocking pigtails.
Step 1. Shower & Air Dry your hair 
Step 2. Decide you're too lazy to bother styling your hair in any way
Step 3. Decide you're sick of rocking the messy bun
Step 4. Decide that two ponytails are more fun than one
Step 5. Look like a 5-year-old for the rest of the day and ignore any strange looks you may get
It's that easy. You're welcome.


  1. Hello stylin : ) Love your sassy pigtails and cute top!

  2. LOVE your shirt!! And I especially love that you two get lost in love :) That's how it should be!

  3. lost in love is the best kind of love :)

  4. I adore that saying! Thank you. :)

  5. shirt posts definitely count as outfit posts ;)
    and i love that quote too! you can never have enough love!!
    xo TJ

  6. I love your pigtails! Very cute! :)

  7. i love the quote on your shirt!! and yes they count as WIW! and Love your spunky photo! you're so cute! I look like a cabbage patch doll if i wear pigtails, but you def pull them off! p.s. your instructions are hilarious!

  8. I love that last photo, you look awesome with your hair like that!


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