I'm Obsessed

Jun 10, 2012

with photography.
Absolutely obsessed. 
I heard through Gentri Lee about an app for iPhones that double exposes your pics.
How cool is this? I know. So cool.

Because of my love for photography and pretty things I'm sharing some other fabulous pics with you today.


This picture was taken by Shane @ Whispering Sweet Nothings.
Shane says: I love this photo because it was one of many I took while working at Over-the-Rhine, an impoverished area in Downtown Cincinnati.
When asked what's something most people don't know about you,
Shane says: Most people don't know that as much as I love people and socializing, I don't mind having time to myself every once in a while. I call myself an introverted extrovert.
You can find Shane elsewhere too.

Patricia @ Red Writing Hood took this little beauty.
Patricia says: I took this photo after coming back home to Utah in 2011. I was finally back to my sanctuary and the place that I loved.
When asked what's something most people don't know about you,
Patricia says: When I was 5 I lived through a HORRIBLE blizzard that wiped out our power, food, everything. The National Guard had to bring in tanks and helicopters to dig people out.
You can find Patricia elsewhere too.

This delightful pic was taken by Brielle @ Mr. D & Me
Brielle says: I just adore this picture because it was one of the only times the hubs actually allowed for his picture to be taken (in fact, he asked for it!) and he just looks so freaking adorable. It definitely makes me smile.
When asked what's something most people don't know about you,
Brielle says: I skipped kindergarten and went straight to 1st grade when I was five. I absolutely did not want to go to 1st grade but the principal wouldn't let me go to kindergarten because I could already read.
You can find Brielle elsewhere too.

I hope you all enjoy meeting my sponsors this way. I got bored of the old way and it was getting generic anyway. I think asking people to share their favorite pictures gives a much better look at who they really are. Don't worry, there are more to come!


  1. This is an awesome way to introduce your sponsors! I'm doing something similar on my photography blog! ♥
    Going to make sure I follow all these lovely peeps!

  2. I love this type of sponsor post! It's still you and shows off your sponsors at a deeper level. I must try out that double expose app! Genius! xo

    P.S. Lovvvvin' your blog design :)

  3. That app really does look awesome!!!
    And what a fun way to introduce your sponsors!!

  4. That app looks seriously cool. I may actually have to download it. :O


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