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May 28, 2012

I have a treat for you today. Lena from Mom2MemphisAndRuby is here visiting! Lena is one of my favorites. She's fun and original and she has some darling kids so there are always great pics on her blog. And because she loves us here at As It Seems she's giving away an ad space on her blog. I won one of those a few months ago and it was so great to work with her. It's definitely a prize you'll love! 


I'm going to admit something... this is an old post!  BUT, there are many of that I haven't met yet OR maybe we became bloggy buddies AFTER I posted this... so pulling out this old post is totes justifiable!

I've been meaning to visit Sue here on As It Seems forever!!! I am so happy to finally be here!

My name is Lena and I blog over at Mom2MemphisAndRuby.
One of the things I'm ''famous'' for is how I named my kids.
Okay! I know ''famous'' might be an overstatement, but it's definitely a topic that comes up a lot AND it's how I named my blog, so I thought it would be fun to share!

Naming trends come & go and I love that people aren't shying away from giving their kids 'unique' names.  Picking "the right name" for you kid is a big deal to me.  I feel lucky to have a picked a couple of names that have been well received by friends, family & strangers alike! 

My son, Memphis, was named in honor of Elvis... or more specifically, the birthplace of  ''Rock 'n Roll.''
My husband threw it out there before I was even pregnant, and even though I LOVED it, I still went ahead and bought a ton of baby name books and searched online for hours & hours... until I realized that nothing compared to Memphis... it was different, withouth being weird, meant something to us and flowed well with the middle name I had already chosen (Mitchell).  It was perfect.  It's also a lot of fun seeing people's reaction to his name.  And he loves when he hears his name in a song (and there are quite a few about Memphis!).  It makes me happy to know that he thinks his name is special... because he really, really is one-of-a-kind!

Ruby, on the other hand, is a name we've loved for a really long time.  Early on in our relationship, baby names came up, we agreed we both loved the name and if we were ever blessed with a little girl, it woud be a shoe in!  Except by the time we were expecting her, we had grown tired of it... the novelty had worn off since we'd only ever talked about THAT name forever.  So, we started a new list.  Winter was a top contender, as were Ramona, Madden and a few others...
The day we found out we were having a girl, we literally just looked at each other and said ''Ruby!''  It just felt soooo right.  We paired it with Ramona... a tribute to our favorite punk band, The Ramones.  Ruby is such a sweet name.  I think it's ''cutesy'' enough for a baby, but ages well.  Ruby is a classic.  It's not nearly as uncommon as Memphis' name, but so far she's the only Ruby in town!  I'm happy she won't be referred to as ''Ruby L'' throughout her school years. 

I am really happy & proud of the names we chose for our children.
I sometimes wish I could have more babies so I could just so I could pick a couple more of my favorite names!! lol

I'd love for you to share your naming stories and visit us over at Mom2MemphisAndRuby!

I'd love to offer one of Sue's readers the opportunity to to win a 1 month Large Sponsorship space on the blog too!  Good luck!


  1. I love the names Camille and Anna Louise for a girl!

  2. I think my favorite baby name is Allison. I can't think of a boy's name though...

  3. I like Erin! Also for the middle name I would definitely go for "wait for it" after watching HIMYM! haha it was the best.

  4. my sister just named her baby girl porter marie. i'm pretty fond of it. :)

  5. My favorite baby name is Elsie for a girl... after my grandmother who was very important to me :)

  6. I want to name my first daughter Alice Alexia!!! I love it

  7. My daughter's name is Annabel Ruth. I like it alright :) I also have a son named Samuel Ezra. Those are pretty much my favorite names ever.

  8. My favorite boy's name is Jacob, which is what we named our son when he was born last December.

  9. first, Lena you have flawless skin!:) im happy to read your guest post! your kids's names rock and i really lean toward appreciating unique names, like you said, whatever the parents pick is special and has meaning! I havent had any children yet, but i have a list of names i like, for a boy maybe aiden and a girl, brilynn.


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