Guest Post: Jenn @ Passenger Seat Perspectives

Apr 18, 2012

Today I'm blog swapping with Jenn over at Passenger Seat Perspectives. Go visit her and say hello- and read about my adventures with bringing a pin to life. She also hosts a weekly Pinterest link up that always has really fun projects. Jenn's sharing a recipe with us today and oh my goodness, it looks delish! If Aaron is lucky he'll get this for lunch one day.


Hey everyone at Hello. Also I love you! I'm Jenn from Passenger Seat Perspectives. Sue is so very sweet for having me guest post today! I've loved hearing about her adventures in Japan, haven't you? Make sure you come over to my blog and check out her guest post there! 

Sue had a couple questions for me, and then I have a yummy recipe to share with you!

1) Why do you blog? I started blogging because I found all these amazing ladies with their fun blogs full of ideas, fashion tips, crafts, home decor, and just their experiences and thoughts, and I wanted to be part of that, and get to know many of them!
2) Where do you live and what do you love/hate about it? I live in Virginia and I absolutely love it. This is the third state I've lived in, and although I liked the other two, Virginia is awesome because it has all the best to offer - mountains, beach, cities. I really think I'll be in Virginia for a while.
3) What is your favorite drink? Totally a tie between Cherry Coke, and those cheap gas station milkshakes that you put in the mixer and it blends it for you - only the Mint Chocolate Chip ones.

Here's a recipe from a link-up series I started a while back called "Like It, Pin It, Do It!" I started the link-up as a way to hold myself accountable for actually making/wearing/trying/doing some of the many recipes, crafts, outfits, hairstyles, etc. that I pin on Pinterest. I hope you'll come and share one of your projects sometime!

This pin made my mouth water when I saw it. I had to have one. Only I also took some inspiration from a sandwich I used to love from a cafe back when I was in school - the TAB sandwich (turkey, apple, brie).

Since I didn't have the Pinterest recipe on hand when I was getting ingredients, I just picked up what I remembered from the one at the cafe and concocted my own. All it took was:
- Olive oil
- Ciabatta bread (in the bakery section of the grocery store)
- Brie cheese
- Apples (I used Granny Smith)
- Turkey (I used lunch meat we had on-hand)
- Dijon mustard

Here's what I did:
1. Put some olive oil in a skillet and heat to medium.
2. Slice the ciabatta bread 3 or 4 inches wide, then halve horizontally (so you have a top half and a bottom half). Place the bottom half in the skillet with the cut side up, and then the top half in the skillet with the cut side down.
3. Slice some brie and layer it on the bottom half.
4. Thinly slice the apples and put on top of the brie.
5. Tear the turkey slice in half and fold the half on top of the apple (add more if desired). 
6. Toast this for a few seconds until each half is a little browned. Take out of skillet and put on plate.
7. Spread a some Dijon mustard (a little goes a long way!) on the top half of the sandwich, and put the sandwich halves together.
8. Enjoy!

This sandwich was just as delicious as I remembered and although it seemed super fancy, it was really easy! It took about 10-20 minutes. You have my permission to use this recipe to impress your friends.

I hope you enjoy! Thank you again, Sue, for having me guest post!


  1. Oh dear that sandwich sounds incredible!!

  2. Yum. That sandwich looks amazing. I definitely want one now.

  3. jenn, that sandwhich looks so yummy! thank you for sharing.

  4. Yummy. We have an awesome place in Fayetteville, Nc that has the best TAB sandwiches. It's called The Blue Moon Cafe. So delicious. I will definitely be making my own here shortly. :)


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