10 Day You {4}

Apr 9, 2012

Today is the day I have to pick 4 books. How exactly am I supposed to do that? I have a true story for you.. When I was little and I didn't do my chores my mother would ground me FROM MY BOOKS until my chores were finished. That's right, not from friends or tv or playing outside, but from books. I have always been a nerd and I've been reading since long before it was "cool" to do so. And now I'm doing this challenge thing where I'm supposed to pick just four books to share with you? I'm not so sure I can do that...

By the end of my life I will have read this many books.

four(ish) books
(I'm counting series as one book, don't judge)
  1. Wuthering Heights {Emily Bronte} If you have not read this book I feel so sad for you. And you should read it. Soon. Possibly today. There's a reason this book is a classic.
  2. Harry Potter {JK Rowling} I am the Harry Potter generation. You can learn so much about life from these books. They are not just for children and telling stories. They are for lessons and courage and doing the right thing against all odds. 
  3. Graceling {Kristin Cashore} One of my absolute favorites. The heroine is deep and intense and all sorts of confusing. She's also one of my all time favorite heroines in a book, and that's really saying something.
  4. Uglies {Scott Westerfeld} I've loved Scott Westerfeld's books since the beginning of time. Maybe not that long, but pretty close. The Uglies series is (in my opinion) his best work. This series will make you think long and hard about life. If you're the thinking type.
  5. 13 Reasons Why {Jay Asher} I recommend this book to everyone. Men, women, old, young, it doesn't matter. This book will make you take a second look at the life you're living and help you see the person you really want to be.
Okay, I cheated. But I'm over it. There was no way to narrow it down further and I'm all about breaking the rules. That's what they're for, right? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to read.


  1. Awesome! I love finding new things to read! I just downloaded the uglies series and 30 reasons why for my tablet! Can't wait to start reading them! :)

  2. Wow, 4 books would be really hard! I love your choices - I've seen the Uglies series and have thought about picking that one up, may have to do it now! And the last choice, it sounds just like what I need to read right now :)

  3. Love to hear recommendations for Literature although I must confess I'm probably the only person in the world who doesn't rate Harry Potter.Rx



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