10 Day You {1} and Awesome Things

Apr 11, 2012

Today is an awesome day. For me today has just begun. It's just after midnight in Japan. And already, it's an awesome day. My husband is on leave (like a vacation) from work. It's only for 2 days but it gives us a 4 day weekend and I will take it. In the military you can't call in sick. Ever. If you can't go to work you'd better be in the hospital hooked up to a monitor or dead. Those are pretty much the only excuses. Even when he needs it, Aaron can't take an R&R day. So that's what this weekend is for him. And it sure put him in a good mood! He's been so happy all day and it's contagious. His smile just makes me smile. I love when he's extra happy! And that's just one of the reasons today is awesome. 

I did a guest post & a giveaway for Megan at And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson. You should definitely check it out for multiple reasons. I'm giving away a purse from Japan that is just beautiful. I did that Sue thing where I was brutally honest about life and talked about something that most people don't talk about. And Megan is fantastic. Her blog is one of my absolutely favorites and if you don't already read her you should. She is sweet and fun and REAL and that's my favorite thing about her. 

Another awesome thing... remember when I posted my entry to Our Reflection's Photo Challenge last week? Well I won third place. Third out of twenty four entries! I was pretty excited when I saw that. I'm a newbie photographer and the picture I took meant the world to me. My husband is my hero. And I'm just thrilled about winning third place. So if you're a newbie photographer and you're hesitant about entering Laura's weekly photo challenges, don't be! It was fun just to enter and a thrill to win.

And yet another thing that made today awesome in the first half hour of existing is this: I secretly entered my best friend into an awesome bridal giveaway for her wedding and SHE WON. Seriously. She won so many fabulous things for her upcoming wedding and I'm so excited about it. She definitely deserves it! 

And I think today is my lucky day and I should go skydiving over the Pacific just to test it.

To end my 10 Day You Challenge I wanted to do something really fun. So I broke the rules again. I give you one picture {collage} of the many hairstyles of Sue. They're in order of evolution. Forgive the terrible center picture and yes, I actually dyed a big chunk of my hair purple. It was fabulous. 

Oh, and one more reason why today is awesome. Like I need another one. Aaron bought me a giant princess coloring book because he understands that I am four years old at heart. I love that this man "gets" me.


  1. Wow, sounds like you're having an amazing day!

    I love the coloring book, I want one!! = )

  2. It's always fun to check your blog on Wednesday and see that you're posting...tomorrow!

    I love the coloring book and all the hair pics. I need to do something with my hair...

  3. The coloring book is awesome! Too fun!

    Love the collage of hairstyles! I wish I had the guts to change mine up. Every picture of me would have the same boring long hairstyle!

    I've enjoyed reading your posts for the challenge!

  4. This is an awesome day! Loving (and am jealous of) your new coloring book! Soo cool about the contests you're winning. And checking out your guest post and giveaway...NOW!

  5. Sue - your guest post is awesome! Thanks so much for what you shared! My hubby and I took a marriage class last year (still in our first year of marriage) and it helped so much, even though there were times that it felt uncomfortable. I hope so much that you guys get a lot out of counseling.

  6. haha I'm glad I'm not the only big kid still. I love me some coloring time too ;) Your pics are beautiful and shh you're my fave. You deserve nothing but awesomeness.

  7. It is official.. if I don't win the contest I may have to send you mula for a purse just like that one! I'm in love.. and I am a purse FREAK.

    Congrats on winning and doing a good job!.. for you and your friend!

    P.S. Love the hair evolution. :)

  8. Just found your blog, and I really enjoy it :) I am your newest follower! Enjoy the extra time with your husband!

  9. I seriously need that coloring book! I not-so-secretly still want to be a Disney princess when I grow up... :) I just found your blog and love it. My boyfriend is planning to join the Air Force so I have a feeling I'll find a lot of inspiration from your blog!

  10. Aw that's so sweet! I love anything that has to do with Disney :)


  11. Hey pretty girl!! I'm sorry I've been such a bad blogger friend!! Life has been crazy busy!! I hope you are doing great!!!

  12. Yay! I absolutely love the coloring book! :)

  13. Such a cute idea. I may do the 10 days next. Maybe it'll make the last few weeks before Husband gets home go by faster. :)



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