A Lot of Random.

Feb 28, 2012

Do you ever have so many things swimming through your brain that you sometimes forget it all? I know, it sounds nutty but that's how I'm feeling. I have a pile on my desk of everything I need to do in the next few weeks and it's overwhelming. I'm a very organized person and it's been an adjustment for me to live in a house with someone who isn't- even when he's cute! Luckily the being cute really helps Aaron's cause so he never gets in trouble for being unorganized. I just have to stay on top of things. I do notice when he has a day off (so about once a month!) our home is much messier. Not because he makes more of a mess but because when he's around I find I want to clean less and spend time with him more. It's not a bad trade off.

Tomorrow my friend Ashlee and I are spending some time at the Arts & Crafts Center here on base. They have some really fun things and we're excited to go jump right in. I love being crafty and I'm making a goal to do more fun projects and make my un-paintable military house a home!

Also, tomorrow I'm buying a guitar. Wish me luck with that one.
I recently found an awesome blog called Linky Here that's basically a directory for linky parties. It's pretty cool, they organize the parties by day, by theme, and by season so you can find the link up that fits you. If you host a linky party go add yours to their directory so people know where to find you!
Okay, enough of the random. I did a little guest post today over at The Ellie Life. I wrote about sharing your story through blogging {click to read} and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject.
And since every post is better with pictures, this was Twink waiting in the car for his mama.
In a lime green hoodie.


  1. Oh.my.goodness. I want to steal that little doggy!!! So cute!

  2. i found you through ellie! finding a good blog is like finding buried treasure!!

  3. Have fun buying the guitar, I would love to learn how to play!

    Oh by the way... Hello, Twink you look cute as ever! :)

  4. You're getting a guitar? Lucky! I'm way excited for you.

    And that linky thing is way helpful. I've never participated in one of those things, but they seem fun.

    And I am such a sucker for a dog in a sweater. That is glorious.

  5. My hubs is definitely the less organized one in our house!! But you're right, when they're home there's lots more fun to be had than just cleaning all day! ;) ~Kassi @ Truly Lovely

  6. Sue, your guest post is lovely. I agree and I can relate. It's the reason why I started my blog. Thanks for sharing. :)


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