Guest Post: Ellie @ The Ellie Life

Feb 24, 2012

Today I'm hosting Miss Ellie on my blog and I'm very excited about this. She's only 15 but don't let that fool you, she's got some pretty big dreams. She's recently started her very own organization with the ultimate goal of making a difference in young women's lives. She's here today to talk to you about her mission. Enjoy!


Hello to all you hello, also I love you readers! 
My name is Ellie Coburn and I blog right over here

I'm a new blogger, and would just love your support over there. 
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Ironically enough though, 
I am not here in light of my little blog. 
I am here to share with cause. 
Earlier this month I started a non-profit organization called Speak Now
today I am here to tell you a little about the cause. 
-Our Mission-

-What that means-
We at Speak Now see many young women who are actively ready to change the world or pursue their dreams. In the fear of being outspoken or being told that their ideas are inadequate or wrong, many young women hold back. it is out goal at Speak Now to give voice back to these women and encourage them to soar with their fabulous voice. 
Short term goal: 
Successfully reach our "Facebook drive" goal. 
Our Facebook drive is simple. Get 1,000 supporters on Speak Now's Facebook page as a backbone for the foundation. Sort of like our cheer team. 
The very best thing about Speak Now, is that for each like we receive on Facebook 10cents goes to our cause. That's right, a dime for a click! 
So head on over to our page and like away! 
Long term goal: 
Ultimately we hope to open up a safe house in southern California for teens to come and feel loved. 
This house would be a sort of "welcoming committee" to young women who want to feel bold and beautiful. 
It would be a place for them to educate, create, and inspire. 
With the pressures off....we hope to create an environment that inspires these girls to collaborate with inspirational speakers and thinkers. 
The "Speak House" has a tentative goal of being up and running by the summer of 2018. 
To help, please head on over to the Facebook page to get started and instantly donate a dime. 
To stay involved with Speak Now and other events you can become a gfc follower on my blog!
You can also find my blog, The Ellie Life on Facebook and Twitter
We hope to see you around! 

For more questions or information on Speak Now just browse the sites provided or contact me at: 
Have a most wonderful day! 


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  2. What a beautiful, brave young woman! Thanks for sharing!

  3. How fantastic! Well done, good luck with your organisation :)


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